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This course is designed to help you develop the attitudes, skills and character traits you will need to become the leader God has called you to be. You may need to establish new patterns of thought and action, and break old habits. If you truly devote yourself to the requirements of this course, you will be a more effective and successful leader at the end of it.

Leaders (like all Christians) have struggled with personal faith and spiritual formation since the first century. Congregational and denominational leadership requires Christian leadership that is built on a solid personal faith and a plan for the development of other disciples.

This course is designed to focus on the spiritual life of the effective Christian leader. The goal is to develop strong spiritual leadership for the local church and beyond, through deep reflection, intense study, personal interaction, and individual discovery.

The essential foundation of Christian ministry is one’s “character and call.”  Skills, knowledge, ministry practices and spiritual gifts are built on this essential and personal core. The purpose of this course is to assist students in discerning their call to vocational Christian ministry (inside and outside of the church) and to explore with them the essential spiritual, familial, personality, emotional and character issues that enable a lifetime of faithfulness and enjoyment of Christian ministry.

As such, the course focuses on developing the personal integrity of the leader. The Personal integrity component of the curriculum will focus on the inner development of a leader’s character. It is about who the leader is as a person; his or her relationship with God, self and his or her relationship with others. Personal integrity is the commitment the leader stands on and the actions should be consistent with his or her words.