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Who we are

Alpha & Omega School of Christian Leadership was birth in 2013 as an extension of the United Bible College a local institution founded by Dr. Jasmin O. Brown in St. Catherine Jamaica in 1994. Alpha & Omega was established through a God-given vision and mandate given to its founder to develop and empower leaders for the work of the ministry. The school of leadership was established in response to the number of untrained leaders in independent churches,
who over the years have struggled to survive in the absence of adequate preparation for leadership which resulted in inefficiency in areas, such as, Spiritual formation, ministerial formation (competence) and organizational development which focuses on the leader’s contribution to the organization. Jamaica, the third largest island in the Caribbean, thrives on a strong Christian heritage, with the church as one of its strongest voices and most visible
institutions. Statistic reveals more churches per square kilometer on this island nation than anywhere on earth.. Beneath these statistics lies the reality that though the Christian church in Jamaica is visible, it has not been very effective. The main challenge is the lack of leadership, unity and integrity. As social problems and violence escalates in Jamaica, many people have turned to the church for assistance and guidance. Unfortunately, the church seems incompetent to address the needs of the nation’s social ills due to its faulty leadership, internal struggles, and
weaknesses. The reality of the shortage of effective leaders within our churches has led to the birth of The Alpha & Omega School of Christian Leadership in September 2013. At Alpha & Omega we believe that the Church can go no further than its leaders. Great leaders grow great churches where members are committed to a shared vision and willingly contribute their time and talent to fulfilling its mission. Unfortunately, many local pastors and leaders lack the basic training or resources to assist them in this vital task In 2011 Alpha and Omega School of Leadership unofficially began training leaders by offering part-time leadership classes and conducting monthly leadership seminars for a wide cross-section of local pastors and lay leaders. However, with the alarming growth of independent churches, it became imperative to focus more
attention on the development of leaders who will properly align themselves for effective ministry. In obedience the divine mandate to empower leaders globally, the decision by Alpha & Omega to shift from offering only monthly seminars to begin offering a full and online leadership courses began in September 2013. The School of Leadership endeavours to provide outstanding leadership development for the growing number of church leaders the Caribbean islands and ultimately the world. Our global vision is reflected in our motto:
Empowering leaders to transform the world.!


Alpha & Omega School of Christian Leadership exists to equip and empower Christian leaders to transform their organizations and ultimately the world by providing excellent values-based leadership development programs that enhances the personal integrity, vocational integrity and organizational integrity of the leader.

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Our Team

Georgina Scott is a trained educator in the field of English Language. She holds a diploma in English and Library
Science and...
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have been a Christian for over 30 yrs. A God-motivated, results- driven individual whose highest goal is to glorify God
and extend...
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I am really excited to be a part of Alpha & Omega School of Christian Leadership. Prior to joining, I previously taught Bible studies for several years...
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Jessica Priston Manager, NYC
Bradley Grosh Manager, NYC